Hate to brag,

but, the Macca gig was.... INCREDIBLE... though you can tell Paul's a fucking grumpy old man these days. Seriously. He hurt my feelings, I ALWAYS scream out I love you, and he always ignores ME and tells someone else that he loves them who says it after ME.... it broke my heart, seriously. Oh, well, so some of you can laugh at my misfortune then. I cried though. I cried a few times, the first was when I saw him, i was like OHMYGOD. THIRD TIME SEEING MACCA!! then I cried when he hurt my feelings.... Ringo was there. Gave me the peace sign, I was sitting close to him, but not too close... just as close as I'd ever thought I'd be to Mr. Ringo Starr! His wife was there too, and Olvia! Olvia is fucking beautiful! Not saying I've doubted it before, but wow... in person... wow!! And Ringo looks really good too! Barbara was looking a little fake looking to me, she had just dyed her hair it looked like, but she's still very pretty as well. But, man... when I saw Olivia! She really stood out to me, and I sound like a fucking lesbian... haha. 

Anyway, Paul told some people to shut up....but trying to make it as a joke, you could tell the man was irritated though.... poor guy, probably tired... but... *sigh* I saw him. And I also met an internet buddy of mine (not intentionall) but yeah, I did. We took pictures, haha! I met some really interesting people in line with us to see Paul, incredible stuff.... BEST experience I've ever had! =) kdjfkldsjfkfds. I am lucky.  Oh, and of course, we waited for Paul to leave, I saw him leave, whee! Well, I have before, but I feel like such a fucking gropie now. ;) I am fucking groupie.  ;D

(All photographs taken by me.)

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